Interviews and stories

When technology powers social good
March 2018

Tata companies are leveraging technology and the power of digital to create sustainable businesses where consumers and communities are engaged stakeholders

Our diversity, our strength
March 2018

Diversity and inclusion have been a priority in the Tata group since Founder Jamsetji Tata's times

'The Tata group has an edge'
February 2018

Years of experience using the Baldrige framework and the depth to which it is deployed, gives the group a competitive advantage, says Al Faber, president and CEO, Baldrige Foundation

Iconic Tata institutions
January 2018

The Tata group's commitment to nation building is evident from some of the country's top-notch centres for education and research

The Tata group turns 150
January 2018

The Tata group completes 150 years in 2018. The Tata group's long and illustrious history is intertwined with stories of pioneering leaders, iconic institutions, business excellence and innovation, and committed employees who have helped shape India and secure her place among the league of industrialised nations and become India's most valuable brands

The thought behind the Tata 150 logo
January 2018

The Tata logo symbolises the trust that the group has earned through 150 years of service and represents its vision of a brilliant tomorrow

Quotable quotes
January 2018

Thoughts and views of Tata chairmen down the years

The leaders who built Tata
January 2018

On the 150th anniversary of the Tata group's founding, a toast to the visionaries who shaped a business institution like no other

Colours, brands and consumers
December 2017

Tata group brand custodian Harish Bhat talks about what colours mean to consumers and why they are of significance

Digital is powering a new age of innovation
December 2017

Digitalisation is leading to new ways of working that may make older manufacturing and service models obsolete sooner rather than later, says Dr Gopichand Katragadda

Philanthropy begins with YOU
December 2017

It's never too early or too little to start giving, or to find a cause and set out on your philanthropic journey today, says Tata Sons director Amit Chandra

Mixing it up in the Middle Kingdom
November 2017 | Philip Chacko

A special report on how eight Tata companies are realising their potential in China

'Let's collaborate and have aspirations'
November 2017 | Christabelle Noronha

N Chandrasekaran, Chairman - Tata Sons, speaks about his vision for the Tata group and how it has to evolve to remain relevant

'Tata Football Academy is the nurturing ground for Indian football'
November 2017

Mukul Vinayak Choudhari, CEO of Jamshedpur FC, speaks about priming the Jamshedpur Football Club for Indian Super League 2017 and Tata Football Academy's contribution to Indian football

Tata companies in America celebrate National Manufacturing Day
October 2017

Tata companies in America celebrate the expertise and dedication of individuals at the heart of America's manufacturing industry

'Frugal functionality and design is a pan-India cultural advantage'
October 2017

Dr Gopichand Katragadda, group chief technology officer, Tata Sons, and member of the Government of India's Task Force on Innovation, describes how India can develop and strengthen its innovation ecosystem

The Jaipur Foot as inclusive innovation
October 2017 | Dr Gopichand Katragadda

Dr Gopichand Katragadda, group chief technology officer, Tata Sons, tells the story of how a doctor and a sculptor came together to create the Jaipur Foot, the well-known low-cost prosthetic limb

'Innovations can come even from ordinary folks'
September 2017

Zenia Tata, executive director, global expansion, XPRIZE, speaks about her work and the difference the Water Abundance XPRIZE contest can make to water-distressed people and communities

Going places with a second career
September 2017

Amit Chincholikar, senior VP, group HR, Tata Sons, talks about the Second Careers Inspiring Possibilities programme's role in advancing the group's diversity and inclusion agenda

Celebrating the champions of sustainability
September 2017

Tata Sons announces the winners of the 2017 Tata North America Sustainability Awards